5 Reasons to have your Kids Enroll in Piano

child pianoOne of the best things you can do for your child is enroll them in piano lessons. A number of studies have found that effective piano lessons will improve cognitive reasoning and many other critical thinking skills. Many children struggle with concentration and understanding their emotions. Piano lessons are valuable as they build confidence and help to improve focus. Here are 5 reasons why you should enroll your kids in piano lessons.

# 1 – Goal Setting

Confidence is learned through practice, accomplishments, and failures. With piano lessons children are able to set goals for themselves and achieve them through practice and hard work. Learning to play the piano is one of the best ways to learn discipline and the value of hard work. It gives children a chance to achieve their goals that they set, and build confidence by doing so. Daily practice is a great way to teach discipline and to help a child have structure with their life. Building confidence can help a child’s self-esteem. This is a critical developmental stage that parents must find a way to work with to help their children grow in the right way.

# 2 – Creativity

A child needs to have an outlet to express themselves. One of the best ways to do this is by giving them a hobby where they can build self-confidence, and creativity. Piano teaches a child discipline, and it helps to teach them how to be creative. Kids are able to learn how to write and create their own music, which is a great way to challenge their creative thinking abilities.

# 3 – Work Ethic

The piano can teach children how to have a stronger work ethic. Kids can learn that through hard work and practice they can easily create notes into a song. They can see how a whole song is formed and how this can relate to so many other things. A single note will contribute to an entire song, and over time they can see how this relates to so many subjects. Kids can learn how it relates to math, science, and other skills. It helps them to develop a stronger work ethic and improve their overall concentration.

# 4 – Hand-Eye Coordination

As a child learns the piano, they are able to see how it relates to their hand-eye coordination. They can focus on learning how to memorize notes so they do not need to look up and down while playing. Over time this hand-eye coordination will relate to other fields of school studies.

# 5 – Stress Relief

A great reason why you need to enroll your kids in piano lessons in Davis, CA, is to give them an outlet to relieve their stress. As they develop a love for the piano, they will be able to write music and enjoy performing for others.


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