Cherry Wood Vs Mahogany Furniture Selection Guide

Choosing the right furniture for our homes is no doubt a difficult task; after-all we want to pick something lasting, that can stand the test of time and fight against the wear and tear that a growing family will no doubt bring. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise as to why cherry wood and mahogany furniture have lead the way to be the top choices of millions of home owners and designers across the world. For hundreds of years, cherry wood and mahogany have been renowned for their quality and sheer natural beauty and to this day traditional furniture specialists take great pride in producing a range of antique and reproduction furniture from those timeless materials.

With such popularity in both choices, it is not surprising to hear that often, there is a bitter battle between both furniture materials and often many are left wondering which is the better option; mahogany or cherry wood?

In my personal opinion and following my years of experience in dealing with mahogany and cherry wood furniture there are a range of reasons as to why both selections are the best of the best however, I genuinely believe that there can be no real winner. Why, following years of respect, and reliability should we pick a winner from the two as if it is a standard battle in a ring? Both have been around for centuries, both have their distinctive wood pattern, both are recognised for their quality and both are embraced with open arms by leading furniture manufacturers and suppliers to create stunning replica pieces.

Cherry wood is known to have originated from North America whilst mahogany from Africa and both are known for their deep, dark rustic colours. In regards to furniture manufacturing, whether mahogany dining table or a cherry wood cabinet; both woods are renowned for their effortless finishes and manufacturers are constantly praising just how easy it is to work with each material. Throughout my research and my time in the furniture industry, I have heard nothing but praise for both of these woods and unfortunately cannot state that there is a clear winner in this battle, in fact there is not battle! The choice all boils down to personal preference and what you as the buyer find more attractive and more suited to your home; I wish there was more to it but unfortunately it really is as simple as that.

Whether you are looking for some new furniture for your home or simply curious as to just what can piece of furniture is the market leader; when it comes to cherry wood furniture and mahogany furniture there really isn’t a clear winner; it is all in your hands!



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