Common Foods that Cause Dental Problems

We all want to take care of our teeth. Having a nice white smile is just as important as keeping our gums strong and healthy. Unfortunately, even with the best toothpaste and regime, many of the foods we eat can cause dental problems. By learning about these common foods, you will be able to get your mouth healthy and your smile bright.

One of the most common culprits is sugar. While sugar is necessary for our health, an excess of processed sugars can lead to dental problems down the road. Processed sugars are most commonly found in sodas, sweeteners, candies, and other sweets. These are hazardous to your teeth in many ways. Sugar wears down the enamel and weakens your gums. This can then lead to cavities and decay.

Your morning bowl of cereal is also guilty of contributing to dental problems. Most cereals are full of sugars and dyes. These sugars are then spread around the mouth with help from the milk. If you’re drinking bottled orange juice with your cereal, you are starting your morning off with almost pure sugar. Make sure to rinse your mouth with water after consuming these foods to help minimize the sugar residue.

Alcohol is another culprit in dental decay. When people drink heavily on the weekends, they usually don’t brush their teeth until the following morning. Avoid this bad habit if you wish to maintain dental health. Alcohol dries out the mouth leaving your gums vulnerable to infection. Alcoholic drinks such as beer can continue to ferment if left on your teeth too long. Make sure to rinse your mouth out with water after drinking alcohol to avoid problems.

Hot foods can cause dental problems by burning your gums. You should never eat or drink excessively hot foods; always wait for them to cool down before consuming. Burning your gums opens you up to infections and other problems.

You can help to avoid excessive sugar by making these simple changes. Instead of having candy for desert, have some fruit dipped in dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fruits contain natural sugars which are not nearly as harmful as processed sugars, and dark chocolate is much healthier than other types. For sugary drinks, you can replace soda with water to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Cut down on the milk and sugar you put in coffee; black coffee is not detrimental to your dental health. Just make sure to brush after drinking it to avoid staining.

Limiting these foods will help you to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. Excessive sugars can cause bad breath, cavities, and gingivitis. By cutting down on these damaging foods, you will be able to avoid costly procedures and problems in the future and have to call your local lake city dentist.  Use these tips to reach perfect dental health today!


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