Feeling And Looking Like a Million Bucks

looking beautifulMany people around the world simply accept the fact that as they get older they simply won’t look as good. Of course, we’ve accepted a lot of things over the years because of a lack of technology. Not all that many years ago, we never could have imagined that “telecommuting” or working from home would be even remotely possible, and now we don’t let location keep us from working, so why should we let age keep us from feeling and looking like a million bucks?

That’s not to say that the ability to look far younger than one’s years might suggest is a new technology, and the ability to do so is really not all that new. Surgery to reconstruct parts of the face have been going on since the 6th Century BC. Of course, technology has come a long way since then, and the things we can now do are incredible compared to older techniques, but the science of reconstructing the body is extremely old.

In addition to this perception of Washingtonian plastic surgery as a relatively new and modern thing, many people have other misconceptions about different parts of plastic surgery, what it entails, and what it really is. In fact, the most common misconception has to do with the name itself, “plastic” surgery. In fact, plastic is very rarely involved in plastic surgery, and in this specific context the word can easily be substituted by the word “reconstructive”.

Another misconception that many have of Plastic surgery is created by the celebrity culture surrounding the practice. In the high-octane world of Hollywood, it’s always easy to tell who’s had plastic surgery done, with the strange and almost fake look their skin has. The truth is that these celebrities take plastic surgery to a level where it was never meant to be taken. Indeed, one of the most important goals of plastic surgery is to affect the most change on the patient without making it obvious that the changes were made.

Perhaps the worst misconception though is that plastic surgeons are miracle workers. Many patients will request the look of a specific person, most likely some celebrity. As exciting as the fields are, there are very strict limitations to the possibilities that plastic surgery presents, thanks to the unique way each human’s face is. Plastic surgeons encourage the uniqueness of each person, and even importantly they help prevent the degradation of the most beautiful features of that person.

Last and not least, once a patient has plastic surgery done, they never have to come in to have it done again. Many people think they have to “keep up” with plastic surgery, but that is simply not the case.


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