Finding a Good DWI Lawyer

Company-adjusterFor a few years right after I graduated college I worked in various law firms as either a paralegal or legal assistant. That being said, I have a bit of experience dealing with lawyers. However, most of my experience is dealing with family law. However, I still can offer some good tips on finding a good DWI lawyer. First of all, you may be wondering what does DWI stand for? DWI stands for, driving while intoxicated. Since driving under the influence is a criminal offense, you want a lawyer that has a good criminal defense record. Just a run of the mill lawyer won’t do, you want someone who has extensive experience in this particular area. The first step I’d suggest when trying to find a good DWI lawyer is to check your state’s bar association and look for DUI lawyers. You can then contact these individuals and make some preliminary appointments. During your initial meeting you will need to find out the following information. First of all, ask about their courtroom experience and see if there’s any public records you can look up and read up on your own time. You want someone who is comfortable in court in front of a Judge or even jury depending on the severity of your particular case. Next, you want someone who has one or two paralegals working for them.

This shows they have a good team established and that you will always have someone you can contact when you have questions or concerns during the course of your case. Furthermore, you want to make sure you are comfortable with all people on the team. Make sure you feel confident in their abilities and knowledge. Third, it is important to find someone who will listen to you. As humans, we all like to feel like we are being heard. This is very important when it comes to court cases. You want someone who listens to you, and does what you want. The best situation is someone you can collaborate well with. Finally, you will want to make sure whomever you choose to work with is in good standing with the local bar association. This shows they have a good reputation in the legal world. Ultimately you want someone you can trust and rely on working for you. On the flip side, there are a few things I want to caution you against when trying to find a good DWI lawyer. Try to avoid someone who works alone. The old adage of two heads are better than one definitely holds true. You want someone who is a team player. Also avoid someone who promises you right off the bat that they will for sure 100% win your case. Nothing is ever a 100% guarantee. Be wary of this. Lastly, avoid anyone who tries to bully you into doing what they say even if that entails lying under oath. You want someone who has high morals and values. DWI lawyers Saratoga Springs are a great source for help if you find yourself in a legal conundrum.


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