Fun Ways on Teaching Kids How to Read

Fun Ways on Teaching Kids How to ReadWhen it comes to teaching children how to read, you first should understand that each child develops the skill at their own pace and trying to rush them can be counter productive. That being said, reading is a learning process and if your child is ready to learn, here are a few tips that are fun and helpful in teaching them to read.

Reading to your child is one of the best ways to encourage them to want to read. It does not matter what age your child is, this will become a very special bonding time for both of you. They will cherish the time together and begin to gain an appreciation and love for books. Once you have given them this gift, the process of teaching them to read gets a little easier. Studies have shown that children who were read to at an early age had more success when learning to read than children who did not have quality reading time.

Creating an atmosphere where the child can easily identify letters is a great way to help them learn how to read. Large letters in the child’s room spelling out their name, and alphabet posters with their favorite cartoon characters are excellent ways to get your child comfortable with letters. You can also create fun games with flash cards that slowly teach children how to associate a letter to an object without forcing or rushing the process. Your child’s brain is like a sponge in those early years, and rather that force the alphabet into their heads, creating fun ways to connect with letters will go a long way to ensure they begin to love the reading process.

Rewarding your child for small victories during the initial stages of learning the alphabet is another good way to encourage learning. You can visit and purchase small rewards like erasers that coincide with the letter they are learning. So when they begin to understand the letter B is for butterfly, rewarding them with a little butterfly eraser reminds them and encourages them at the same time. You can also purchase little alphabet stickers at that you can place on their wall or door as they increase their skills.

One of the best techniques to teaching a child to read is by utilizing word families. These are simply words that rhyme and can be a fun and easy way to get a child excited about words. By playing games and singing sings with words that rhyme, you will develop your child’s phonetic skills and give them an advantage when it comes to reading.

There really is no right or wrong way to teach your child to reach as long as you place an emphasis on it being fun. When a child associates reading with fun at an early age, this skill will help them later in life to see reading as not a chore but as a fun way to learn and grow.




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