Getting Dentures: What to Expect

dentures 3Getting a new pair of dentures often come with many questions and concerns from patients. There are two different styles of dentures; full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures replace one’s entire set of set teeth whereas partial dentures may fill in only sections where one’s teeth are missing. The advancement of dentures has in recent years has made dentures much more comfortable and aesthetic for wearers.

Dentures are designed based on each individual’s mouth. In order to receive dentures an initial appointment must be scheduled with one’s dental practitioner. Those needing dentures in Walnut Creek should schedule an appointment with their regular dentist to discuss whether dentures are the best possible option. A mold is take of the patient’s mouth. From this mold, the dentures are formed.

Before receiving a full denture, any remaining teeth will need to be extracted. An immediate full denture can then be inserted. For many patients, the immediate full denture is preferable over the conventional full denture, which requires waiting up to several weeks after tooth extraction to receive one’s dentures. This means leaving the patient without teeth for a period of time. The con to receiving immediate full dentures is that often during the healing period, the gums shrink and therefore the dentures will need to be refitted again. However, for many wearers, this is still preferable.

On average, it takes denture wearers between several weeks to a couple of months to get used to their new dentures. Eating and speaking may feel awkward and uncomfortable initially. Crunchy foods in particular may be difficult to chew to dentures. For those still getting accustomed to their dentures, begin with soft foods until the dentures feel more comfortable. It is also normal for new denture wearers to experience an increase in their saliva flow. Visting the dentist regularly when one has dentures is important; making sure the dentures are fitted properly to the gums ensures that they look natural and do not cause the wearer any unnecessary discomfort.

Like regular teeth, dentures require daily cleaning and care. A special denture toothbrush and denture toothpaste is used to clean the dentures daily. A hopper is used to store one’s dentures. This is similar to a small container, filled with warm water, in which one places their dentures when they are not wearing them. With proper care, dentures will last, on average, between five and seven years.

Eventually, most denture wearers do not even notice that they have dentures in their mouth. To others, it will not be apparent that one is wearing dentures in their mouth. For many patients, having a new set of teeth restores their self confidence and enables them to feel secure in flashing their new smile.


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