Great Sports For Your Daughters

Girl_sportWhen you think about sports for your daughters to participate in, you may notice an old pattern shifting towards more traditionally male-dominated competitive sports. Soccer, softball, and basketball are all wonderful team sports that encourage the extroverted daughter. These types of sports encourage being aggressive, cheering loudly for your teammate, and running after the action constantly. There can be a lot of pressure to perform and keep winning. Many college scholarships are granted through these sports.

But what if your child is more of an introvert or does not enjoy participating in competitive sports? Does she enjoy perfecting her sport and doing drills on her own, while at the same time getting to take part in a team? If so, then kids dance lessons in charlotte could be just the thing for her. Dance lessons can develop talents that lead to coveted spots on the high school cheerleading team. Later, there could be a college scholarship to receive.

Ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and gymnastics are all types of classes that you can choose from. Ballet will teach her discipline, strength, and quiet reflection. She will learn to move gracefully, and be proud of how her body performs. Tap and jazz classes will allow a little more freestyle and fun into the dance routines. Tap is all about foot combinations and rhythym. Every little girl wants to get to wear those shoes that make the characteristic tap noise. Contemporary is a slight variation from ballet. Jazz celebrates the African heritage.

Gymnastics is practically a whole playground of equipment to take advantage of and learn from! What little girl doesn’t love the bar routine or playing with the rings, and the process of chalking up her hands for the first time? Not to mention the varied floor routines that can be learned. Gymnasts are known for their all around physical fitness levels. These are some of the strongest, fastest, most flexible athletes in the world.

All sports have benefits for girls. Whatever the activity, it is important that the child enjoys it and wants to participate in it. Through participating in the sport, she will build confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and maintain friendships that will last throughout high school or even college. She will build stamina, have better self-esteem, and improved coordination. What’s more, children who participate in sports are more likely to excel in school than those who are not enrolled in an athletic program. School dropout rates and the risk of teenage pregnancy are all factors that are decreased if the student participates in sports.


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