Hit By A Drunk Driver

drunk_driverDriving conditions that day were optimal. It was at least two hours before sundown. The weather was nice, traffic was light, and the sun was still shining brightly onto the streets lighting up every driver’s pathway. A small car merged comfortably onto an empty highway while a large sports utility vehicle driving on the opposite side of the highway at a high speed, swerved erratically onto the median. The driver never regained control of her truck. She crossed completely over the median onto the other side and crashed into the merging car.

The ambulance arrived in record time, followed by the police. As the driver of the small car was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries and pondering his unfortunate situation, he realized he needed a good car accident attorney in Pittsburgh. Although he was badly injured and a little dazed, he was well aware that he had just been hit by a drunk driver.

Victims of car accidents need to take prompt action after their accident, but their injuries and time spent in the hospital recovering may prevent them from following through with all the necessary legal steps they need to take to win a lawsuit successfully, or negotiate a settlement. A car accident attorney in Pittsburgh offers victims their skill at examining the scene of an accident, their knowledge to file suit against the appropriate party, and their expertise to represent a case until damages are awarded.

Countless victims of car accidents do not get a fair settlement from insurance companies or may be left with nothing after a trial. A car accident attorney in Pittsburgh is a highly trained professional negotiator who guides his or her client through the legal maze of paperwork, interviews, statements, depositions, expert witnesses, and ruthless defense attorneys determined to discredit a case regardless of the actions of his or her client.

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day, but accidents that occur because of drunk driving displays a total disregard for innocent victims by the perpetrator. Hiring an attorney during this emotional time to do the leg work and provide the legal support that a victim needs is essential for the victim and his or her family. Recovering costs for car repair, current, and future accident-related bills, pain, and suffering, and possible punitive damages is the least a victim should expect from the courts. Attorneys know what to ask for.

People who represent themselves often overlook things related to their case no matter how much time they spend reading up on the law, a car accident attorney will not. Losing a case is never easy, and it is highly probable without representation, but losing a drunk driving case would be absurd.


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