How a Rug Can Tie a Whole Room Together

How a Rug Can Tie a Whole Room TogetherJust like the paint on your walls creates a different mood in every room you get into, the same is true of rugs. A good rug or a collection of them should combine color and design and match it with that of the room in question. Here, you must be very creative, attentive to detail and artistic. In order to achieve the effect you badly desire, you must first define your style and understand your home’s interior décor. The good thing is that you could start from scratch or make use of what you already have. The choice of style can range from classic to modern. It will also depend on how your home was designed right from its construction phase.

Figure out a style

Look around the room and note its unique aspects. What furniture do you have in there? A living room would, for instance, have a sofa set, coffee table, dining table and seats, bookcase and a TV cabinet. Figure out whether you would like to have these as separate areas or have a rug that covers the entire room. You could have different rugs for the sofa and coffee table, another for the dining area and one that combines the entertainment unit. This way, your room will appear to transition from one sector to another. You can combine rugs having geometric patterns with flowered ones. Choose colors that rhyme with the furniture or the paint on your walls.

Take photos and measurements

In order to have an idea of how your room looks at the present, take photos from different angles. Using a tape measure, take measurements of the space occupied by furniture. This will help in determining the measurements of the rugs you are going to buy. Make sketches of the way you would like to decorate the room. A rectangular rug would suit the seating area. Choose a rug that has the same shape as your dining table. Another alternative would be to go with rugs that are of the same colors but arranged in different shapes.

Take inspiration from nature

Color green is associated with vegetation while blue creates an impression of being in harmony with the sky. Think of what the blue seas make you feel. This is how you can get inspiration from nature and decorate a room with rugs in a similar fashion. The idea is to connect the view from the doorway, centre of the room and all the way to the farthest corner. The first thing that a visitor to your home notices is how you have laid out your carpets.

If you have a concept in mind, you can use Momeni rugs as a link between furniture and the room you are decorating.


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