How to get the Best Shave Ever

guy-shaving-mainLet’s face it guys, the vast majority of us hate to shave. When we were young boys and we first got that little bit of hair on our face, we were so excited to get that razor and shaving cream and start shaving. However, very quickly we learned that far from being the romanticized identifying mark of being a man, shaving was nothing more than a pain in the butt. It was something that we had to do every single day, not because we liked it but because it was expected of us by our employers and by other people around us. Soon we started to take every single opportunity that we could to avoid shaving. Letting our beards grow, quickly became synonymous with being on vacation and enjoying ourselves.

After doing a little bit of investigation on the subject though, it becomes clear that one of the reasons why we as men hate shaving is because we never learned the proper technique, or we are not using the proper tools.

So then, the first question that we have to ask is what is the proper tool for a great shave? Many men would agree that in order to get the best shave, you are going to need to purchase a safety razor. Because of the scarcity of men who actually use these razors, this is not something that you are going to be able to purchase at your local drugstore. You’re going to have to purchase one of these devices online. There are many companies who make these razors and who have a good reputation for making a high quality product.

Once you have the razor, you need to get razor blades. Again the higher the quality, the better. There are many companies in Germany who are well respected for making high quality razor blades. Usually these can be found online for just a few dollars.

Now comes the shaving cream. For most of us, our only concept of shaving cream is the foamy stuff that we buy from the store in a spray can. This is not a real shaving cream. Real shaving cream is going to be sold in a tube. It is going to be extremely thick. It will not be made of foam.

Once we have the right tools, we then have to start focusing on our technique.
• The first thing that we have to do is to prepare the face. If you have hair that is extremely long, you’re going to want to use scissors to trim it down to a length that you can reasonably cut with a razor.

• Then comes the time to put on the shaving cream that you purchased. You want to take the shaving cream and put it into the palm of your hand and rub it in your hands for about half a minute. Now you’re going to have a thick shaving cream you can apply to your face using a badger brush.

• Take your sink and fill it with warm water. You will use this water to clean off your razor.

• Next, take your safety blade and angle it as far away from your face as you can while still making contact. Very slowly pull the razor along your facial hair. Make sure that you go with the grain of your hair. Once you have finished shaving with the grain of the hair, then you want to take your razor and shave sideways or across the grain of your hair. You only want to make two passes. Doing this is going to reduce the chances of you getting razor burn.

• When everything is said and done, splash your face with very cold ice water. This is going to close up all of the pores on your face. This is going to prevent ingrown hairs and help you get rid of any residue from the shaving cream.

• Finally, if you want to you can throw on aftershave.

So, this is the technique guys. Give it a try and see if this method works better for you.


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