How To Get The Best Shave Possible

How To Get The Best Shave PossibleThe key for a man to getting the best shave possible is a combination of quality shaving products, a good wet shaving technique and proper skin care treatment. When you properly shave your face, you eliminate severe razor burn, skin irritation and razor bumps. Getting a real good close shave combined with a decent facial wash followed by skin moisturizer is the key to getting one of the best shaves you ever had. Here are some steps you can utilize today to help you to achieve that clean shave.

The most important way to getting a good shave is to make sure that your beard is completely wet. Your beard can actually absorb quite a bit of the water, so soaking it thoroughly is vital. When your facial hair absorbs water it makes it much easier to cut. Rinse your face completely and then if possible apply a warm towel for a few minutes. You should never shave your face when it is cold or dry, that will lead to a rash and sever razor burn.

Your next step to achieving that nice clean shave, you need to purchase a quality shaving cream. You need to avoid counting pennies when it comes to shaving cream, and purchase a quality brand that contains a higher concentration of moisturizer and lubricants. If you shaving cream has a very rich and creamy lather as opposed to a light foam, you have a decent brand. The discount creams that produce a light foam do nothing to protect your skin from the razor. You want to have as much lubricant as possible in between the razor blade and your facial hair. The less the resistance on your beard, means less nicks and cuts and less irritation. One other benefit to a quality shaving cream is that your razor will last significantly longer.

The next most important feature of a nice clean shave is the razor blade. You want to be sure the blade is as sharp as possible because when the razor passes by your beard it in fact scrapes away two layers of the skin on your face. If you continue to use the razor over and over or use a dull blade, you will see blotches and nicks and cuts all over your face as the razor skips along your beard. When you shave quite often, you should be replacing that blade every other week.

Finally you need to purchase a quality men’s after shave lotion to ensure the best possible shave. When you have finished shaving, thoroughly rinse your face with warm water to remove any leftover shaving cream. You have removed two layers of skin on your face and it is vital you replenish the exposed skin with a moisturizer. The best quality after shave lotions contain both moisturizer and shaving balm in one. Find us here: barber shop in Salem


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