Jewelry Trends to Compliment Your Dress

Prom Dresses

The perfect ensemble for prom is not complete without the accessories including the perfect jewelry.  Jewelry selection and style can vary as much as the variety of prom dresses.  Here is what you should know about current jewelry trends and how to compliment your dress:

  • Begin by making up your mind about the dress and your hairstyle.  Your jewelry is some of the final accessories you will choose and should compliment not only your dress but your overall look.
  • Remember that jewelry is meant to compliment your look and not to overpower it.  You don’t want to choose jewelry that is so flashy or flamboyant that it draws attention away from your dress or looks tacky when worn with your dress.  Your choice in jewelry should be almost understated and appear as a final touch to complete the picture.
  • If your prom dress is more elaborate you often need less jewelry.  For instance, if you choose a prom dress that is covered in sequins or other bead work you should consider a simpler and single piece of jewelry that will set off the dress.
  • Know the look of the neckline of your dress.  The most important thing to consider when choosing the right necklace to wear with your dress is the style and type of neckline your dress has.  You want to choose the length of your necklace based on where it will fall in relation to the neckline.  You don’t want the necklace to be so long that it hangs inside of your dress or so short that it appears inadequate in the space provided by the neckline.
  • Choose your jewelry based on the statement you want it to make.  If you have a more classically elegant dress you can choose to use your jewelry as a more bold statement or you can choose to pair more classic pieces to create an overall classic beauty.  Pearls or diamond pendants are considered more classic necklace choices.
  • When choosing jewelry accessories you should consider earrings as well as bracelets in addition to a necklace.  Often you will want to choose two of the three primary jewelry items.  Meaning if you choose a necklace and earrings you should forgo the bracelet.  Also, a bracelet is usually not worn as an accessory if you are planning to wear a wrist corsage.
  • You should match your earring to your hairstyle.  If you are wearing your hair down you will want to choose a more substantial earring set so that it can be seen amidst your hair.  If you are wearing your hair in an up-do you can consider earrings that range from simple to more elaborate.

The accessories you choose to compliment your prom dress should be chosen not only with your prom attire in mind, but also with the idea that it can be something you wear again.  An investment in quality jewelry items will allow you to wear them with other outfits as well as completing the perfect ensemble for prom.



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