Managing Pain Medications

Managing Pain MedicationsMedications can quickly pile up in the medicine cabinet. They can also have dangerous side effects if ingested improperly or when mixed inappropriately. It is paramount that medication is stored in a logical location to prevent dangerous mix-ups. An organizational system will help with managing medication and reduce medicine cabinet clutter.

Taking the time to track your medications gives you a chance to learn more about them. Many medications have special ingestion conditions. Some pills must be taken with food, others cannot be taken along with other certain medicines. It is a good habit to read the labels and instructions for medications. Take notes, if necessary, and then categorize your medicine based the conditions they require.

Many people prefer the plastic containers that are labeled for each time of the day. These containers allow you to split a week’s worth of medicine into the morning, noon, dinner, and bedtime categories. These containers are convenient if you have many pills you must ingest. Some medications are sensitive to light, which is why they are sold in amber colored containers. These medicines must be kept out of direct light, so if you choose to use a pill organizer then make sure the plastic is colored.

It is always a good idea to fill your prescription early. Staying on top of your medication refills will prevent you from having to skip days. It is never a good idea to miss a day.

Another, often overlooked, helpful tip for managing your medicines is to always use the same pharmacy. Pharmacists will keep a record of your medications, which is useful if you happen to forget. Most pharmacies will gladly call you to remind you that a prescription needs refilling. Using the same pharmacy will keep this list up-to-date. Pharmacies can also provide medication wallet cards, upon request. These cards list the current medications you require and should be kept on your person in case of an accident.

Why not fill your prescription today and get a head start on the next round? It is also a good idea to ask your pharmacist if your medication has changed in any way. They will have the most up-to-date information regarding medications and will be happy to help you stay safe.

Keeping an organized medicine cabinet, and pill organizer, removes many of the risks associated with the improper use of medicine. Put these outlined organizational tips in practice and keep yourself, and your loved ones, safe.


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