Motorcycle Safety Tips

motorcycle-safetyRiding a motorcycle can be fun and exhilarating. There are many advantages to riding a motorcycle, but there are also many dangers. Motorcycle accidents are an ever present threat and a reality of the open road. It is important to stay safe while riding your motorcycle. There are a few motorcycle safety tips to always keep in mind while riding.

The first most important motorcycle safety tip is to check the tires on your bike before riding and to check all cables, control, and lights. It is important before heading out on your motorcycle to make sure that everything is in proper working order, make sure if parts come off to use welding supplies to attach them back on.

The second motorcycle safety tip is enforced by law in most states. Wearing a helmet while riding can prevent serious head injuries in the event an accident should occur. Motorcycle helmets and visors can help protect the rider’s face and eyes from debris. It is important to also wear protective clothing and gear when riding.

The third important motorcycle safety tip is also enforced by law. It is important to keep within any posted speed limits. The speed limits are posted as a precaution and according to the conditions of the road. When riding in a remote area without any posted speed limits, maintain a safe speed according to the limits that you have seen posted on similar roads.

The fourth most important motorcycle safety tip is to avoid weaving in and out of traffic, cutting of other motorists suddenly and without warning. When you weave through traffic too quickly, you do not have enough time to completely check your surroundings and make a judgment concerning the speed of all oncoming traffic; you can be hit or cause another motorist to have an accident.

The fifth most important motorcycle safety tip is to avoid riding your motorcycle if you are under the influence of any controlled substance. Most people are aware that it is dangerous to ride after consuming alcohol or any illegal substance. If you must take a prescription or over the counter medication, be sure to know how it affects you before operating any motor vehicle. Medications affect each person differently; never operate your motorcycle when starting a new medication for the first time.

The last safety tip to follow when riding your motorcycle is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. There may be numerous pot holes or debris on the road, it is important to steer clear of obstacles. Keep an eye out for open bed trucks transporting goods or refuse; sometimes objects can fly out of the back of the truck and create an obstacle. There are many variables when it comes to the road and traffic conditions; always expect the unexpected.

Enjoy your motorcycle, and stay safe while doing so.


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