Planning Ahead for a Funeral

funeralFuneral planning during a time of loss can compound the grief a family is suffering once a loved one passes. Greenwood & Myers suggest preparing in advance for the inevitable. By laying out funeral arrangements and other unpleasant tasks before the passing of a loved one, decisions can be made with clearer heads and more forethought. The following list is comprised of final details that would be in everyone’s best interest to prepare before one’s time arrives.

PaperworkPaperwork can be a headache to complete at the last minute. It can also cause problems if there is no paperwork to reference. Wills, advanced directive, bank and savings records, mortgage papers and deeds, and other important documents should be in order so the grief-stricken family doesn’t have to scramble to find needed estate paperwork.

Tax records and copies of funeral arrangements are among the most important documents family would need to access once a loved one has passed. If any questions need to be addressed concerning property, allocation of finances, or legal issues, these should be taken care of in advance.

Save Money

Saving money for the funeral costs can be a blessing to the family left behind, especially in the case of an unexpected passing. Funerals can be costly and having funds to draw from will lighten the load of family members when paying for the funeral, taxes, and other expenses that may arise.

Plan a Program

Each individual may have a different idea of how they wish to be celebrated or mourned. Working with a funeral home in advance to plan a program would ensure that the funeral service is in line with the final wishes of the deceased. Favorite bible readings, hymns, a favored person to perform the eulogy, and the tone of the service can all be determined by the person whose life is being remembered.

Choose a Final Resting Place

A cemetery and plot should be chosen by the loved one before passing. Often a family is buried in the same cemetery, but this is not always the case. A family should also make certain that the method of burial is known. Cremation requests or alternative funeral rights should be addressed in preparation for the event.

Make Plans Known

Advanced warning of final wishes is essential to ensuring that a loved one’s plans are executed with the utmost care and concern. Speaking to a trusted family member or friend that can be relied upon to carry out the plans is suggested. Be sure all materials regarding important finalization plans and paperwork are easily located or that there whereabouts are known.


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