Problems getting pregnant? Consider Surrogacy

sad womanGetting pregnant is a common problem that many women have. It may be a simple hormonal imbalance or something as easy to fix as stress. Regardless of what the problem, the need to have a child is a strong drive inside a woman and not being able to have a child to love can cause a great deal of anxiety.

There are many methods on the market to help those with infertility to have a baby of their own. From injections to IVF, the methods are costly and oftentimes fail. Rather than wasting money on fertility treatments that may or may not work, surrogacy is often a great option. While it is a little unconventional, it is the best chance some couples have.

There are many reasons when surrogacy should be considered, but mostly it is a last resort for couples in the quest to have a child. A surrogate will carry the child in their womb for a couple. The couple can use their own egg and sperm, or if they are in need of egg and sperm other arrangements can be made. The woman who carries the baby will have no legal ties to it at all. Most couples often fear adoption because of the serious repercussions that can occur when a child is taken. Surrogates are completely bound by a contract, as this is a labor of love for them.

Not every situation is perfect for the use of a surrogate, but many are ideal. First, finding the right person to carry a child is important. Using and interviewing and screening process, a couple will be able to go along to doctor’s appointments, have copies of ultra sounds and be as much a part of the pregnancy as the one carrying the baby. For some, the next best thing to having a baby is to experience then entire process alongside the one carrying the child.

While most people want to give birth and experience the entire process of carrying a child, for some it is not possible. There are options out there that allow couples to have a biological child of their own; they just require the use of another womb to make this miracle happen. It’s a little unconventional, but nevertheless a beautiful act of kindness. When the need to have a child is great and time is flying by, a surrogate may be a viable option.

The process is not as complex as it sounds you just need a surrogate. There are many agencies that will work with both the surrogate and the biological parents to come up with a solution that fits all their needs. Having a baby is one of the most special events in a person’s life. Everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent, regardless of what methods are used to obtain that dream.


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