Replacing An Old Roof

old_roofA well made roof can last for centuries, but many roofs need to be replaced far earlier. Obviously, replacing an entire roof is a huge undertaking that necessarily disrupts a household and is quite expensive.

Therefore it behooves a homeowner who needs a new roof to find a good neighborhood roofing Ann Arbor professional contractor. The homeowner has a variety of sources to choose from to find a good roofing contractor. He or she can go to a professional roofing organization and get a list of their local members. He or she can ask neighbors who have had roof work done and take the names of the contractors. This should include the ones the neighbors thought did a good job and those the neighbors believe did a bad job. The homeowner can also get recommendations from his or her real estate agent or a local general contractor. At the end of all these inquiries, the homeowner should have a substantial list that he or she can then whittle down to three or four roofing contractors.

But even before the homeowner hires a roofing contractor, he or she needs to make sure that the roofing contractor is licensed, insured and bonded. Any contractor who is not shouldn’t be considered, for the homeowner isn’t indemnified if there’s an accident, which is always a possibility with roof work. Also, being licensed and bonded makes it less likely that a contractor will stop work half-way through the job and disappear. The homeowner can also look up the contractor on the Better Business Bureau’s website to see if there are any major outstanding complaints against them. By that time, the homeowner should have a list of contractors he or she can call.

The contractors should be contacted and should give a rough estimate of the cost of the roof replacement job. After that, the homeowner should put the job out for bid. This is when the homeowner tallies up the amount of parts, material and labor for the job and submits it to the contractor. The contractor should get back to the homeowner within a couple of weeks with the total cost of the job.

When the contractor is chosen, he should be willing to sign a contract detailing the specifics of the job. This includes the description of the work, the price, the pay schedule and the dates when the work begins and when it should end taking into account weather delays and change orders. A contract should also include the right of recision, which allows the homeowner to back out of the contract within 72 hours of signing, all warranties, release of liens and arbitration clauses.

With this in place, the homeowner should have a relatively smooth experience when it comes to replacing his or her roof.


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