Shaving Tips for Beginners

Whether you are just barley starting to shave or you have been shaving your entire adult life there are certain things to consider when shaving that even though you’ve been doing it for a while there may be things that you don’t know about, or could be doing differently. Here is a simple how-to shave lesson for a beginner or for anyone else.

  • Step One: It is important to prepare the skin for the shave. The best way to do this is by using pre-shave oil, The Art of Shaving store has a wide variety of kinds, including unscented, sandalwood essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil and ocean kelp. Apply the oils by rubbing a small amount on our hands and massage it into your beard. The oil will soften the beard to allow a more close shave.
  • Step Two: Lather up your face with shaving cream, The Art of Shaving store has the same kinds of shaving cream as it does pre-shave oil. In order to get the best lather available, you will need to use hot water or shave in the shower. Apply the shaving cream with a shave brush, a brush will help exfoliate the skin and will help lift the hair up for the closet and complete shave.Shaving Tips for Beginners
  • Step Three: The actual shaving, it is important to always use a sharp blade, a dull blade will just make for a bad and uncomfortable shave but will increase the likely hood of razor burn, nicks and damage to the skin. At The Art of Shaving store there is an assortment of different razors to be consider. There is the class straight edge razor; this style has been around for a long time since it is so great at getting a close shave. When you a straight razor you will need to always strop your razor before actually shaving it. With your strap attach the top to the wall or table, any sturdy and convenient place, and then hold it taut with your less dominate hand. You’re your dominate hand keep the edge of the blade at an almost flat angle stroke the blade up and down about six times on the canvas side to clean and remove any debris from the last use. After the strokes are done with the canvas side switch to the leather side and do the same motion, the same amount of times to sharpen the blade. If the straight blade isn’t your style, there are other options like a Gillette blade or a Braun electric razor. Always have a mirror available to watch to do an even job and help prevent cuts. At this time take a look at your nostrils, eyebrows, ear hair, sideburns and nostril hair and make sure they are trimmed.
  • Step Four: The after-shave, it is important to give your skin a conditioning seal after shaving. An after-shave will replenish and nourish the freshly shaven skin. Like the pre-shave oil and shaving cream the same selection of scent is available in the aftershave to keep a consistency and scent to your routine.

After you have followed all of the steps enjoy the smooth close shaved skin. Each day you shave the better it should go, and the faster the routine will get. The selections available at The Art of Shaving store will assist you in having the best shave, and the best skin and hair possible.


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