Should I Have A Baby – 3 Things To Consider First

Being a parent is a life changing experience and it is something that a large number of adults would like to consider. In fact, it is not at all common for people to think ‘should I have a baby?’ when they reach a certain age or stage in life. Further, many people who cannot have children for some reason or the other are filled with a great deal of regret on account of it.

Parenthood is filled with a great deal of responsibility and the decision to have a child should ideally not be taken lightly. Your child is more likely to have a better future if his or her arrival is planned for properly. It is also a good idea to consider a few things before you think of having a child. They are:

1. Are you healthy? Carrying a child for nine months can take a toll on your health if you are not already in good physical condition. Besides, you are more likely to suffer from pregnancy related problems if you start off with health issues. If you are planning to get pregnant then you need to swear off alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs well in advance so that there is no chance that they will harm your health or that of your unborn child. You should also improve your diet so that you get into the best possible physical condition.

2. Are your finances in order? You don’t need to be a wealthy person in order to have a child but you could at least aspire to have as little debt as possible before you conceive a child. Keep in mind that you will have to face a lot of expenses once your family has a new member.

3. Are you in a position to provide your child with a stable environment? Children thrive when they are in such an environment. Therefore, you need to find out how you can make this happen. Being able to receive support from close family members is a very good thing.

If you are satisfied with your responses to the questions raised by your original query ‘should I have a baby’, then you are quite prepared to have a baby. Most people prefer to let nature take its own course at this point of time and this is generally the best thing to do. However, if you are not successful after a few months of trying for a child then it is time to plan things better by keeping track of your menstrual cycle.



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