Soda and Its Effects on Teeth

sodaDo you know anyone who doesn’t drink soda? Many people have one with every meal and use them as pick me ups in the afternoon. These people and maybe even you may not realize the damage even one soda per day can do to your health and especially your teeth. Your dentist¬†wants you to know that soda is considered the most significant dietary source of tooth decay and should be avoided at all costs.

One can of soda can contain up to ten spoons of sugar. Do you remember what your momma told you about candy and your teeth? The sugar gets deposited on your teeth where bacteria begins to grow and produces acid that breaks down the enamel of your teeth. The sugar in soda acts differently than the natural sugar found in things like bread which do not cause the acid build up although consumption of all sugars should be minimized.

Speaking of acid, one of the main ingredients in soft drinks is phosphoric acid. The pH of most sodas is around 2.5. Water has a pH of 7 and battery acid is 1.0. Drinking a pop is not much better than drinking battery acid. The phosphoric acid also works on the calcium in your bones and is not the only acids found in your drink.

Carbonation in soda is created by adding small amounts of carbon dioxide to water. With a pH of around 3.0 it can work in concert with the phosphoric acid to wear away more enamel. Malic and tartaric acids included in the formula are organic acids. These acids bind to the calcium from your enamel drawing it away through a process known as chelation.

All these ingredients work together to cause severe irreversible damage to your teeth. Your dentist not only cares about the health of your teeth they care about your physical health as well. Obviously, the damage done by soft drinks creates life long patients for the doctor so by suggesting to discontinue drinking sodas forever your total well being is the top priority and not padding their bank account.

The ingredients in the drinks have been linked to dehydration, kidney problems, obesity, heart ailments, high blood pressure, and possibly cancer. It has also been stated that as many as 21% of our calories come from liquid which, of course, soda is the major contributor. With unlimited availability there are many children who drink 12 or more of these high calorie, no nutritional value drinks. Add all this information up and the hope is people will take action to prevent sodas from causing anymore personal harm.


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