Taking the Fear Out of Dentistry

dentist4There is a vast majority of people that have an intense fear of going to the dentist. For some, the fear reaches levels where a person will stay away even if it means losing teeth or having a smile that they are ashamed to use. Examining this dread and where it comes from will help many to get the work done that their teeth needs.

The majority of apprehension that people feel comes from one thing. The assurance they have that any procedure will involve intense pain. It makes no difference how often they go to a dentist because most procedures differ, so each new reason for having work done instills the dread over again. In other words, they resign themselves to the fact that the last visit went well but that does not mean the next one will.

One often has to wonder if perhaps the equipment being used has something to do with the trepidation that patients feel. Teeth are made up of a very hard substance that takes drilling in order to perforate the outer covering and get to the problem at hand. Dental instruments have not been made to perform quietly and often just the sound fills a patient with alarm.

Occasionally it is necessary to see an oral surgeon for the purpose of having a difficult extraction performed. There are also those wisdom teeth that sometimes need to be removed from under the gum line. If a person has an innate fear of dentists already you can be assured that this kind of visit is enough to put a person into a state of panic.

These professionals are doctors that specialize in forms other than Novocain for the removal of teeth. A good name for them would be a sedative dentist. A sedative dentist is one who has advanced training in ways to make a patient feel completely at ease while the procedure is being done. They can arrange for the patient to take medication before their arrival at the office to relax them; the doctor can administer calming drugs using an IV; or in other cases the patient can be put to sleep and have no recollection at all of what was done.

A sedative dentist can be the refuge for the patient whose fear is so intense it could cause other medical situations to occur. If there is no other way you can bring yourself to have dental work done, this is the person you need to see.

It must also be kept in mind that dentistry has come a long way. Even when the administration of Novocain is necessary, the dentist will first numb the entire area so that the needle piercing the skin is only slightly uncomfortable and certainly nothing to fear. Once the medication has taken effect, any procedure can be performed pain free.


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