The Benefits of Dog Boarding

dogrunningPet owners have to travel sometimes. That does not mean that our dogs are always allowed or welcome to travel with us, no matter how much we may enjoy being able to take them with us. Dog boarding can have many benefits for your canine companion while you are away. If you need dog boarding in Los Angeles or other areas, you can feel confident leaving your pet if you follow theses tips on selecting a good boarding kennel.


  • Your dog will receive medical care if needed. Plus, if your dog takes any medication, there will be trained staff at the kennel to administer the medication.
  • Your dog will get professional attention from trained staff that love dogs and know how to care for your dog.
  • You can feel better about leaving your dog knowing they are in a safe environment and many facilities offer doggie cams. You can view your dog online anytime and anywhere.
  • The staff will provide daily exercise and a proper diet.
  • Your dog will be able to socialize with other dogs. Think of it as an extended doggie playdate.
  • Another note of the medical side of things- travel itself may not be the best option for some dogs. Dogs that are older, easily made nervous, or with certain medical conditions may not be suited for travel. Car or plane rides may be too stressful or too physically exhausting for some dogs.


The benefits of dog boarding outweigh the negatives if you select your kennel carefully. There are a few things to keep in mind before you make a decision on which kennel is right for your dog.


  • Are the staff members friendly? Do they obviously enjoy their job and love caring for animals?
  • Are there plenty of staff to properly care for all the dogs?
  • Are the kennels large enough for your dog to move around? Are they well-kept and clean?
  • How do other dogs in the kennel seem to be acting?

Overall, you should leave your kennel visit with an impression of it being a happy and clean environment for your dog. Prior to selecting the kennel you will board your dog:

  • Get recommendations! Word of mouth is a useful tool.
  • Do your own research. Check online reviews as well.
  • Visit a few kennels beforehand. Get to know the staff, their policies, schedule, and the actual facility. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to ask to tour the facility!

Remember, your dog will be kept safe and sound as long as you use a reputable boarding kennel. On a final note, take your dog to the selected kennel a few times before you leave them there. Your dog will be able to get used to kennel, the staff, and the other dogs. Reducing their stress will help reduce your stress at leaving your furry friend!


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