The Different Ways Kids Learn

preschoolWhen it comes to how children learn, there is no set rule. Children, like adults, have individual characteristics that need to be taken into account in any learning situation, whether it be formal education or survival skills in everyday life.

Some children are hands on learners and need the tactile, or touching experience in order to learn. That can explain why some children can not keep their hands off of things while shopping with mom or dad.

Some children need to use their auditory or hearing channel. If a direction or specific material is not presented aloud, it just does not register. There are children who cannot learn if there is too much noise in their environment. Others actually need extra noise in order to help them focus on the task at hand.

Others need a more visual approach. Even though they appear to be listening, if there are no pictures they just don’t quite understand the concepts being presented. Using pictorial graphs, maps or other types of visual examples helps the information imbed in the child’s thought processes.

Still other children need a combination of learning experiences using all of these modalities. This category probably takes in the majority of children. If material is presented in all modes, there is a good chance that it is going to get through and make an impression.

By the time children reach school age they usually have established their learning pattern and can accommodate their environment in order to learn. One of the best ways a child can begin their school career on a positive track is through preschool for toddlers in Irvine.

Toddlers and preschool children are at the prime time in their lives to establish their learning habits. Preschool teaches young children how to get along socially through their play activities. These social skills and interactions are imperative to problem solving skills needed in all areas of learning.

Preschool also teaches young children how to focus and follow directions in a group situation which prepares them for Kindergarten. It gives them training on how to block out distractions when focusing on instructions given by the preschool teachers.

Preschool also focuses on basic skills such as time: days, months, functions during the day such as breakfast, lunch, play, rest. Social skills are taught during free and structured play activities. Listening skills during read-aloud times are perfect activities for honing up young children’s ability to attend to a specific task.

To give a preschool child a great edge on his or her educational career, preschool for toddlers in Irvine would be a great choice.


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