What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

cosmetic_dentistryIt has been described as art. Cosmetic dentists are not scientists after all, so it’s not science! But at Cosmic Dentistry Palm Bay, our cosmetic dentists use a variety of procedures ti make their patients smile more and have more confidence. Although some procedures for cosmetic surgery can be expensive, great results can come from it. Cosmetic dentistry could be the perfect option for someone who is not happy with his or her smile and does not know what to do about it.
Many people today are interested in improving how they look. They know it’s a competitive world out there and some people have to face what they don’t like about themselves, and change it! Some people have lived their whole lives with unattractive teeth, while others have developed unattractive teeth from aging or other factors, like bad health habits. That is when cosmetic surgery steps in with some options.
Some consider cosmetic surgery a dental facelift. Sometimes it can even change someone’s appearance dramatically! Several techniques used by cosmetic dentists can include braces all the way to porcelain veneers. Combining these techniques helps achieve the best results, some have found.
A widely known method about cosmetic dentistry is the application of Porcelain Laminate Veneers. These professionally made wafers of porcelain are placed over the teeth, while enhancing the smile and appearance. Veneers are designed especially for those people who do not like their smiles. Veneers are good for reversing aging effects. Veneers can be temporary or permanent. While permanent veneers are being crafted, many people wear the temporary veneers. Depending on the modification of the teeth (size of the problem), getting veneers can be very expensive, well into the thousands.
Another popular form of cosmetic dentistry that Cosmetic Dentistry Palm Bay has is teeth whitening.
Utilizing two types of whitening (in-office or at home), the cosmetic dentistry staff will either show you how it works and apply there, or show you and let you take it home. When having the process occur in the dentist’s office, a high intensity light is used with 35% hydrogen peroxide and the patient’s gums are protected. The process of whitening lasts just over an hour, with teeth exceptionally lighter after application.
At Cosmetic Dentistry Palm Bay, we practice procedures for fixing your teeth including shaping, bond bridging and resin or tooth colored fillings. When going through a tooth shaping procedure, enamel is sometimes removed from the tooth so that shaping can be accomplished. Replacing teeth is where the bond bridging is used, while others may opt for tooth colored fillings. Other popular methods used for whitening teeth include braces and even gum lifts. Gum lifts are done for people who don’t want their gums seen when they smile. Braces are for straightening those crooked teeth that make such an unattractive smile.


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