Where to Take a Sick Dog

Where to Take a Sick DogYour dog isn’t acting normal and you think it may be sick. You are seeing some symptoms including: your dog vomiting multiple times a day, your dog having diarrhea, your dog is losing its appetite, your dog is acting lethargic, your dog is either urinating more frequently or less frequently than normal, or that your dog is coughing.

These could all be signs that your precious dog might not feel good. A dog can get sick by having something irritate the stomach, or something that clogs up the stomach from digesting food properly. The same thing happens to us as humans. For instance, just the other night, I was up sick for a portion of the night because my stomach wasn’t digesting some of the food I ate for dinner. Not only did the dairy I ate upset my stomach, it caused a clog and wouldn’t allow the body to normally digest the food. Most of the likely causes of sickness in dogs include: dietary indiscretion, foreign bodies, infection, parasites, plants and toxins, or kidney/liver/pancreas disease. In order to prevent dietary indiscretion it is important to give your dog the right kinds of food. Make sure you know and understand what kind of food is dangerous for dogs. That being said, where should you take your dog if you believe it is sick?

If you live in or around Columbus, or even somewhere else, you will want to make sure you take your dog to the vet if they are exhibiting symptoms of being sick. A vet is a trained doctor for animals. Just like if a human was to go see the doctor, a vet has the responsibility of diagnosing health problems and concerns in animals and properly medicating and treating them back to their full health. Vets also take care of things such as spaying, neutering, or dental work that needs to be done on your sick dog. Another great thing about veterinarians is that they can advise dog owners about topics such as feeding, behavior and breeding issues. They tend to work in clinic settings that almost seem like mini hospitals we as humans are used to attending if we are sick enough.


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