Why Hiring A Private Attorney Is A Smart Decision

privateattorneyMore than ever, a person that arrested for a DUI faces stiff legal penalties. Over the past two decades the laws have become very tough on people convicted of a DUI. Thirty years ago a person pulled over for drinking might simply be told to drive home slowly. That type of scenario is a thing of the past. These days people are getting arrested for being passed out in their driveway with the keys in the ignition. Nowadays a person arrested for Dui has a few things they can do to ensure a better chance in court.

A person arrested for a DUI should immediately attempt to make bail. There are many reasons to seek bail. The most compelling reason is obvious; who in their right mind likes being in jail. Jails are a dirty place, and there is the potential to come in harm’s way from other people being held. Another reason to post bail quickly is to keep up jobs and family ties. Employers do not look kindly on employees arrested for DUI’S. Another major reason to bail out immediately is for court appearances. A person staying in jail will appear in court wearing a jail jumpsuit. A person in this position may plead guilty even thought they are innocent. These are some of the reasons that many people facing this charge hire a DUI Lawyer in Morgantown.

One of the bigger decisions a person charged with a DUI has to make is about their legal representation. Many people choose to let the public defender’s office represent them. Sometimes a person’s financial situation is dismal, and letting the public defender’s office represent them is their only choice. On the other hand a person that has available resources should definitely hire a private attorney. There are many reasons this is a better choice. First off a private criminal attorney often has a lot more experience in court than many of the public defenders. Private criminal attorneys often had worked in the public defenders office or district attorney’s office for many years. They typically have a lot of experience with the courts and can help with a person’s legal defence. The key is finding a good private attorney.

One of the best ways to find a private criminal attorney is searching over the Internet. Most law offices have websites that give extensive information about the attorneys in their office. Many times there are places on these websites where former clients are able to rate an attorney based up how the attorney performed for them in court. By doing some research a person should be able to find an attorney that is right for them.

The charge of DUI is very serious. Being convicted of this crime has serious consequences for a person’s license and their career. Hiring a good private DUI Lawyer in Morgantown can make all the difference.


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