Wyoming Hotels 101

Wyoming Hotels 101Looking for a hotel stay in Wyoming? Look no further because here is an extensive list that includes the best hotels in the area. Regardless if you are trying to getaway weekend, find housing for your business trip or spend some quality time with your family you’ll find what you need below.

  • Hotels in Cody, WY

If you are visiting Cody, Wyoming these are the hotels you might consider staying at:


This hotel stands out from the typical Best Western atmosphere. Located at 1800 8th St, Cody, WY 82414-4138 this hotel offers freshness, comfort and a very friendly staff to add to the whole experience.

Chamberlin Inn

1032 12th Street, Cody, WY 82414. Again, a great hotel to visit and have some family fun. It is equipped with a garden, bar, piano and a great patio area. Friendly staff is also a plus here as with the Best Western Ivy Inn & suites situation.

Cody Cowboy Village

If you are not only looking to stay, but rather to get some of the Wyoming spirit in you this is the hotel you are going to want to visit. Located at 203 W. Yellowstone Ave, Cody, WY 82414, this hotel offers excellent combination of modern comfort and friendly people. If you are lucky you’ll get to meet some real cowboys too!

IF Jackson if your destination choice you are in luck because it offers a lot more housing options than other places in WY. Following are some of them:

Rusty Parrot

Definitely your best choice in Jackson. You can feel the romance in the air as soon as you check in. This is the place to visit if you are looking for an intimate but cozy stay. The address is 175 N Jackson St, P.O. Box 1657, Jackson, WY 83001. Make sure you write it down if you find yourself in Jackson.

Flat Creek Ranch

If you are looking to unplug and relax in a remote, lovely setting…head for Flat Creek Ranch. Upper Flat Creek Rd, Jackson, WY 83002 is the address of the place which translates to around 0.4 miles from Jackson.


This place is a little further then the two previously mentioned but it wouldn’t be a total bad choice. Also a great place if you fancy pools. It is located at 1535 North East Butte Road, Jackson, WY 83001.

  • Hotels in Buffalo, WY

Hampton Inn & Suites Buffalo

It will take you less than a mile to get to Buffalo and you’ll enjoy the big and comfortable rooms inside. Address: 85 US Highway 16 East, Buffalo, WY 82834

Z-Bar Motel

Lovely western-looking cabins to make you feel like a cowboy. Go to 626 Fort Street, Buffalo, WY 82834 if you feel like wooden walls instead of stone ones.

Comfort Inn

65 US 16 E., Buffalo, WY 82834. This hotel does not stand out from the Comfort Inn franchise. It is a clean, neat place with very friendly staff.



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